USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend the rejected claims to overcome the examiner’s rejection, provide arguments to demonstrate that the examiner is in error and/or provide evidence to demonstrate the patentability of their claims. During this period, the entire patent is still considered valid under US patent law.

The USPTO is reconsidering the patentability of the claims due to a request for reexamination filed by New Zealander Peter Calveley. Mr. Calveley used internet archives to show that defunct company Digi Cash used a similar technique prior to Amazon. Despite costing a substantial sum of cash and requiring donations to prepare and file the request for reexamination, Calveley said he did it as a game and hopes that his success inspires others to play the same game.

“One Click” shopping is an ecommerce technique, which allows a customer to purchase products via the Internet without repeatedly entering personal information such as name and address. At the time it was introduced it eased the frustration of on-line shopping.

Amazon filed the patent application for 1-click shopping in early 1997 and was granted the patent in September 1999. 23 days later Amazon sued rival Barnes & Noble for alleged infringement by its “Express Lane” ordering which was introduced in 1998. In December 1999 Amazon won an interim injunction against Barnes & Noble but the USA Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit lifted this injunction in February 2001. The parties then settled their dispute for undisclosed terms. Amazon has since successfully licensed the technique to other e-sellers such as Apple.

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Architectural Sign Company

By Dominik Hussl

We may never give it a lot of thought but we rely on an architectural sign company for the signs that are all around us. They guide us on city streets and busy highways. They give us directions and point out what differentiates one area from another.

You will see the work of an architectural sign company in architectural signs, both on the exterior and interior of buildings. Interior signage would include directories such as what you see when you walk into a hospital lobby or a business office complex.

These custom signs direct you to what floor you need and once on that floor, there will also be wayfinding signs directing you where to go. You may also see directories of donors, board of directors, business honorees as well as information about the building itself.

An architectural sign company can also provide signs for the various rooms that the public has access to such as emergency stations, telephones, rest rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, information desks, security, elevators, escalators, exits, entrances, stairways, parking garages and the various ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act required services such as braille phones, text phones and auditory directories.

YouTube Preview Image

Your architectural sign company will also know that public buildings must also include ADA signage with required pictograms and braille and how your logo can legally be incorporated into them for branding.

Outside you may see signs that depict the name of a building or a complex. These signs also designate handicapped parking and restricted parking areas. You will also notice these signs in front of businesses, headquarters, factories and other types of commercial buildings to signify who they are and what they do.

If you have ever been on a university campus, theme park, office park, multi-winged facility, mall, shopping center or beach, you have seen finger point signage. You will often see it in parking lots that are vast in size.

It allows you to recall where you are parked and how to get to the attraction. It is the oldest and most universally understood type of signage. This type of architectural signage is the best solution for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

You will sign panels or directories as you approach a shopping mall. These will usually offer the list of stores in the mall area and be accompanied by arrows pointing you in the direction of each store.

This makes navigating a large mall much easier. If you have ever visited a city or state park, you have no doubt looked to a directory to see where the various attractions were and to find out where you were on the park map. This is another example of an architectural sign.

You will see freestanding signs and retail displays in stores, restaurants, and boutiques. Complete sign companies like Kaiser Industries employ acrylic fabricators to offer their clients the most versatility and expertise in creating custom business signs possible.

The graphics, as well as visibility and legibility are all carefully designed to attract your attention and then lead you to and around your destination. Signate has been helping people discover stores, businesses, schools, and hospitals safely and easily for over twenty years. Call us today to help your new customers find your place of business.

About the Author: Signate is an established sign company that really knows architectural signs and plastic fabricators .


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British FBI-style agency launched

British FBI-style agency launched

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Prime Minister Tony Blair launched a new crime-fighting agency to deal with “brutal and sophisticated” crimes by organised gangs. The agency’s mandate and powers have been compared to that of the United States’ FBI.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), has approximately 4,200 “law enforcement officers”, some of whom are ex-spies, and will use their £400m annual budget to fight counterfeiting, fraud, drug and people-trafficking.

The agency was created out of the National Crime Squad, the National Criminal Intelligence Service and investigative staff from the Immigration Service. SOCA is chaired by ex-MI5 chief Sir Stephen Lander.

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cuts ties with Israel">
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cuts ties with Israel

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas has cut all diplomatic ties and relations with Israel including any and all communications.

Abbas made his decision after recent Israeli crackdown on Palestinian militants has left over 100 people dead and dozens injured. On Saturday March 1, 70 Palestinians were killed in clashes. At least two soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force were also killed.

Abbas says that he will continue his silence towards Israel until “all aggression” against Palestine is stopped.

“The negotiations are suspended, as are all contacts on all levels, because in light of the Israeli aggression such communication has no meaning. The Israeli government has decided to prosecute an unjust war and the open slaughter of our people. It bears sole responsibility for the hindering the peace process and all the effects and consequences of this decision,” said Nabil Abu Rudeina, a spokesman for Abbas in a statement to the media.

According to reports by Africasia quoting Agence France-Presse (AFP), Israel calls the move by Abbas a mistake.

“Suspending peace talks is a mistake and it gives the keys to the negotiations to Hamas,” said an Israeli official to AFP who was not named.

The United States among other nations have called for Israel to stop its strikes, but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that “nothing will prevent us from continuing operations to protect our citizens.”

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Failure for constitutional ban on flag-burning in U.S. Senate">
Failure for constitutional ban on flag-burning in U.S. Senate

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An amendment of the United States constitution banning the burning of the American flag failed by one vote in the Senate on Tuesday. The final tally was 66-34; two-thirds (67 of 100 senators) was required for the amendment to pass.

U.S. President, George W. Bush, gave a statement commending the bipartisan group of Senators for trying to pass the amendment.[1] It was sponsored by Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator from Utah, and backed by the Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist, of Tennessee.

Even though some members of each party voted for the amendment, some on both sides strongly dissented. Daniel Inouye, a Democrat from the state of Hawaii and a World War II veteran, said — like many other Senators including Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell — the proposed amendment was against the constitutional right to free speech.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Flag Burning Amendment

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Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling And Parting The Gender Curtain: The Quiz All Success Minded Women Should Take

By Diane Dutton

Corporate Americas infamous glass ceiling is REAL. So what should all women in business know as they survey and strategically crash through that glass barrier toward the positions and salaries they deserve? Why does the centuries-strong Gender Curtain that still awaits become tougher to part the higher you go?

Whether youre a woman vying for an executive promotion, a CEO position, a board seat or the Oval Office itself, youll want to discover how the glass ceiling and the gender curtain — along with your appearance, your mindset and even words you use — could be affecting your career success. Take this mini quiz!

Where Do You Stand on The Ladder to Success?

1. How would you respond if you disagree with a decision your boss makes?

a. Yes sir! I always agree with The Boss.

b. Understood, but please evaluate these points and reconsider your decision.

c. Hell with you! I disagree!

d. Its best to never question a decision by the boss, even if I dont agree.

2. Your choice: new title/position with your current company, 10% pay increase, same boss, no real change in authority OR new job elsewhere, 5% pay increase, new title, lots of input on developing a new program.

a. Take the 10% raise. Its about the money!

YouTube Preview Image

b. Take the promotion because you might make a difference later.

c. Take the new job. Advance!

d. Discuss the promotion with your boss, explaining the need to gain real authority with any promotion.

3. Whos really in control?

a. I AM! I always evaluate how I can make my points, the same way a man would, so the CEO can accept my advice without feeling like hes listening to Mommy!

b. That MALE PEER! Hes always getting away with making mistakes.

c. MY BOSS! He never listens, so I stopped talking, stopped participating Im hurt because he wont take me seriously.

4. What to wear?

a. The Latest Fashion, short sassy skirts, hug-the-hips, fitted t-shirts, short jackets.

b. Fashion Plus Professional. Business clothes, fitted skirts and pantsuits, worn with nice button-down shirt buttoned to hide cleavage.

c. Comfort. Oversize skirt, big, bulky sweater, natural fabrics. Im against corporate judgments.

d. Whatevers in the closet. People should appreciate my mind, not my clothes.

5. Youre a seasoned speaker and know your topic. What are the most important things to remember before you make the big presentation to a large group of your peers and senior members of your industry?

a. Solidly know your material, but have notes, even if you think you can wing it.

b. Test your speaking and presenting equipment before the speech. No microphone or projector failures allowed!

c. Speak clearly and loudly to be heard. Speaking softly will bore the audience.

d. All of the above. A good presenter is always prepared.


Question 1 (a 3; b 10; c 2; d 5)

Question 2 (a 2; b 3; c 10; d 5)

Question 3 (a 10; b 2; c 3)

Question 4 (a 0; b 10; c 2; d 5)

Question 5 (a 5; b 5; c 5; d 10)

37-50 total — Wow! Glass is breaking all around you! Youre ready to go all-the-way.

23-36 — Theres room to improve. Continue to work on your interpersonal skills and self-confidence.

8-22 — Corporate America may not be your passion. You might consider taking your creative side in another direction.

About the Author: Career expert Diane Dutton is a popular author, speaker, and interview guest. Her critically-acclaimed book is A WOMANS LADDER TO SUCCESS IS PAVED WITH BROKEN GLASS CEILINGS. Sign-up for her free newsletter, take her full quiz or learn more about her programs/advice at


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Sales of Jackson songs and memorabilia rise after his death">
Sales of Jackson songs and memorabilia rise after his death

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson on Thursday has caused retail demand for his songs and for memorabilia to increase.

Yesterday, the top nine selling items at Apple’s iTunes Store were albums by Jackson, with first and second being a “hits” album and the 1982 album Thriller. similarly reported selling more Jackson merchandise in the 24 hours following his death than it had sold in the preceding 11 years, and that sales of Jackson CDs accounted for 60% of its total business on Thursday. Yesterday morning the top seller in the album chart for Amazon’s U.K. division was Off the Wall, followed by Bad and Thriller in second and third places, respectively.

Many stores, including Graywhale CD Exchange in Salt Lake City, several record stores in Danville, Virginia, and many retailers in New Zealand, have all reported selling out of Jackson’s CDs and DVDs. The flagship store of Tower Records Japan, in Shinjuku, sold out of several of Jackson’s DVDs and ran low on several other items including CDs. The Danville Register Bee recommended to its readers that if they had record players they should investigate antique and charity shops, after one antique shop reported discovering three Jackson Five vinyl albums in its basement.

The effect of the increase in sales had an effect on stock prices. Midday yesterday, Apple shares rose around 2%, Amazon shares rose around 1.3%, and eBay shares rose by 0.64%. Stock market analysts predict that this will be a short-term effect, however. Scott Fullman, an investment strategist at WJB Capital Group in New York, stated “This is going to be one of these events that will have an immediate impact and then wane out in a week or two.”.

In Las Vegas, 21 items of Jackson memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics for Jackson’s song “Bad” and the shirt that Jackson wore on his Victory Tour in 1984, sold at auction yesterday at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino for a total of USD$205,000, with the shirt, at USD$52,500 the most expensive individual item.

eBay has reported an increase in individuals auctioning Jackson memorabilia. These range from records to a Fedora hat signed by Jackson.

Also for sale on eBay and elsewhere are tickets to the This Is It concerts, at the O2 arena, where Jackson had been scheduled to perform. Ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster, Seatwave, and AEG Live have announced that they will be refunding concert tickets. But under standard contract law such refunds only apply to the original purchasor of the ticket, who dealt with the ticket companies directly. Anyone buying a ticket on eBay only has recourse against the seller on eBay that they bought from, and even then only if it was explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of the particular eBay sale that a refund was available.

At the 2009 Glastonbury Festival, stalls have been selling commemorative T-shirts to Festival attendees, with various different slogans including “Michael Jackson R.I.P 1958–2009” and “I was at Glasto 09 when Jacko died”. T-shirt vendors also appeared outside of the UCLA Medical Center where paramedics took Jackson, proferring for USD$10 T-shirts with the slogan “in loving memory of Michael Jackson” and a silhouette of Jackson, although they had few takers.

In Union Square in New York, one street artist was selling hand-made buttons that have pictures of Jackson’s album covers on them. In Times Square, another T-shirt vendor was selling T-shirts printed with copies of the front page of USA Today that reported Jackson’s death.

One observer, Allison Southwick (a Better Business Bureau spokeswoman), commented “I’m honestly expecting to see a Web site pop up by the end of the day selling Michael Jackson commemorative plates.” Whilst such commemorative plates have yet to appear, collectors have been offering commemorative stamps of Jackson for sale on eBay and elsewhere. Several commemorative stamps of Jackson already exist. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines issued $5, $2, $1, and 60¢ Michael Jackson stamps in 1985, as part of its Leaders Of The World series. Tanzania issued a 350s stamp, part of a Famous Black Entertainers set, in 1990. Guinea issued a 500f stamp in 1991. St Vincent issued another $2 Jackson stamp in 1991, as part of Famous Entertainers series. And Grenada issued a 60¢ Jackson stamp, part of its Gold Record Winners series in 1992.

Gore Vidal once remarked of the death of rival Truman Capote that it was a “good career move”. The death of an artist does serve to increase the popularity of their works. People have speculated whether this will be a temporary or a permanent thing for Jackson.

Jim Lentz, who is the Chief Operating Officer of American Royal Arts (a memorabilia dealership in Boca Raton), asked “Is he Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, or is he Mike Tyson?”.

Elvis Presley died at 42, officially of heart failure. Stores sold out of his records and souveniers within hours of the news of his death. In the 20 years following his death, RCA Records sold approximately 400 million of his recordings.

In the days and weeks immediately following Presley’s death, RCA had to sub-contract pressing to other companies, as it was unable by itself to keep up with demand. Sony Corporation announced yesterday that it had received “unprecedented” levels of orders for CDs of Jackson’s music, and was considering boosting production. It had received 150,000 orders for CDs at its music unit in Tokyo. “The amount is unprecedented for one day and we think we need to consider increasing the production of CDs that we plan to sell from July.” said a spokesman for the company. Amazon has been informing customers buying Jackson CDs that they might have to wait between 1 and 3 weeks for their orders to be shipped.

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NY Sen. Monserrate found guilty of misdemeanor assault">
NY Sen. Monserrate found guilty of misdemeanor assault

Friday, October 16, 2009

New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate was found guilty of misdemeanor assault Thursday, in the criminal trial involving an alleged attack on his girlfriend Karla Giraldo. Monserrate will face sentencing on the misdemeanor assault conviction on December 4.

Monserrate had also faced charges of felony assault, but he was not convicted of these charges. The misdemeanor assault conviction means Monserrate is guilty of “recklessly causing physical injury” to Giraldo. Monserrate could be sentenced to one year in jail for the misdemeanor assault conviction.

The prosecution had asserted that when Monserrate discovered that his girlfriend had the business card of another man, he chose to strike out at her. Monserrate entered a plea of not guilty to charges he sliced his girlfriend’s face with broken glass during a conflict at their apartment on December 19, 2008. The defense team denied that the injury to the woman by Monserrate was intentional, instead claiming that the incident was “an accident” and the result of Monserrate tripping while bringing Giraldo a glass of water.

A police detective that first investigated the crime scene testified about the bloody evidence discovered at Monserrate’s apartment, including broken glass, blood, towels covered in blood, and a ripped women’s t-shirt. Forensic biologist Ewilina Badja said that the majority of the blood found at the crime scene had originated from one woman. Prosecutors asserted that this woman is Giraldo, who was treated for injuries surrounding her left eye that took approximately 40 stitches to remedy. Badja identified blood on a male green shirt found in the bathroom sink as that of Monserrate.

An emergency physician that had treated Giraldo stated in court that Monserrate’s girlfriend asserted to her that her injuries were not the result of an accident. Though the defense has argued that Giraldo, who is from Ecuador, may have been difficult to understand – the physician stated she conversed with Monserrate’s girlfriend in both Spanish and in English.

Whether or not the public is going to stand for somebody who has been convicted of a criminal act…

Queens Supreme Court Justice William Erlbaum judged the case without a jury, as Monserrate waived his right for a trial before his peers. The group National Organization for Women had requested that the judge rule Monserrate should be given “the maximum sentence allowable by law”. If he had been convicted of a felony, Democrat Sen. Monserrate could have automatically lost his New York State Senate seat. Monserrate did not testify during the criminal trial against him.

There are no winners here today.

WXXI reported that Patricia Salkin of the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, said state Senators may be faced with political issues if they do not do something about Monserrate’s continued presence as a Senator. Salkin stated that the issue was: “Whether or not the public is going to stand for somebody who has been convicted of a criminal act, and act of domestic violence in this case, to be allowed to continue.” According to WXXI, Senate rules do not state that a misdemeanor conviction means a politician must be removed from office, it is within the power of the New York Senate to initiate procedures to oust a sitting Senator. WXXI reported that leaders within the Democratic party in the New York Senate were debating whether to being proceedings to remove Monserrate from his seat. WNYC reported that the Senators are deciding whether or not to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Monserrate.

There is no room in government or in the Democratic Party for people who commit such heinous crimes against women. Hiram Monserrate must be swiftly removed from office.

The New York Daily News reported that Monserrate gave a statement outside the courthouse after the ruling, and continued to describe the injury to Giraldo’s face as a “terrible accident”. He referred to Giraldo as “”a person who I love”. Monserrate stated that: “I have to live with that forever. There are no winners here today.” Monserrate’s attorney, Joseph Tacopina, believed that his client would not serve any jail time. “On a reckless misdemeanor, first offense, he won’t go to jail,” said Tacopina.

New York City Council member Eric Gioia was the first Democratic politician to publicly request that Monserrate resign from his post as a member of the New York State Senate. Gioia released a statement which said: “There is no room in government or in the Democratic Party for people who commit such heinous crimes against women. Hiram Monserrate must be swiftly removed from office. Elected officials should rightfully be held to a higher standard, and New Yorkers deserve better representation than a convicted perpetrator of domestic violence.” Gioia stated that “the circumstances revealed in the trial … truly shock the conscience.”

Monserrate is a former New York City police officer. Prior to becoming a member of the New York State Senate, he was a city councilman. He became a member of the New York State Senate weeks after the alleged conflict with Giraldo, and was made chair of the committee overseeing consumer affairs. Along with Democrat Pedro Espada Jr., Monserrate started a shift in control of the Senate by aligning with the Republican Party. Monserrate is currently allied with the Democrats in the New York Senate, and if he is removed from his seat the ratio of Democrats to Republicans would be 31-30.

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Types Of Oak Flooring}

Types of Oak Flooring



Over recent years, oak flooring has become a more and more popular choice of flooring within the home and business. When choosing what oak flooring is right for you, you are often shown a range of different wood flooring ranging from very cheap to expensive. There are two different types of oak flooring, solid oak and engineered oak flooring.

Solid Oak Flooring:

Solid Oak Flooring is the more expensive option between the two. This type of flooring is made up of 100% solid wood and can come in oak, walnut and other type of timber boards. The price often varies depending on the country of origin and size that you choose. One of the great advantages of using solid oak flooring is that it can be sanded down and re-finished over and over again. If the boards you choose are thick enough, you can also use it to replace existing floor boards. Using solid oak flooring isnt advised when laying over under floor heating as it will often create problems.

YouTube Preview Image

Engineered oak flooring:

Engineered flooring is made up of a solid top part of the board which is then attached onto another type of timber. Advantages of using this type of flooring are that the base of the floor boards are very stable and unlike solid oak flooring, you can use this type of flooring in rooms where you plan to use under floor heating. Like solid oak flooring, engineered flooring can be used to replace existing floor boards and can be sanded down and re-finished as many times as you like, providing that the flooring is thick enough.

Both solid oak and engineered oak flooring are available in a variety of different sizes. Ask for a professional opinion when choosing the sizes of your floor boards, as each type of flooring has different fitting methods for different sizes.

Orlestone Oak are an established

oak flooring

company providing customers with both

solid oak flooring


engineered oak flooring

. Take a look at the website for more information:

Article Source:

Types of Oak Flooring }

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Forest preservation plan debated at climate talks">
Forest preservation plan debated at climate talks

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Indonesia are wrestling with a proposal that would allow developing nations to earn billions of dollars through carbon trading by leaving idle forests such as those in Borneo, the Amazon and Congo basins.

The news comes on the same day that it was announced that forest clearance in the Amazon Rainforest was falling compared to previous years.

Delegates from about 190 countries are negotiating a plan for private companies and wealthy nations to pay poorer nations to keep their forest intact. It is called the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries, or REDD proposal.

Environmental scientists say tree cutting in tropical areas accounts for about 20 percent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions blamed for global warming. Tropical forests soak up vast amounts of carbon dioxide; burning timber to clear land releases it.

Marcelo Furtado with Greenpeace in Brazil says the REDD plan is needed to fill gaps in the current Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement to limit emissions of greenhouse gases which does not include ways to preserve forests.

“We would like to see, at the very least, a REDD mechanism moving forward, because we want to see countries taking action now. We don’t want to wait to 2013 to start seeing this action taking place. And this is something this convention, this group of countries could deliver,” said Furtado.

Frances Seymour, Director General for the Indonesia-based Center for International Forest Research, is concerned a premature REDD agreement could do more harm than good.

“Because in many forested countries, land tenure rights to forest lands and resources are either unclear or contested or both. And you can imagine that if a potential new income stream is available for those who can present themselves as owners of the forest, this could create conflict and create conditions under which some of the world’s poorest people, who are people who live in forests, could be pushed aside,” said Seymour.

Financial analysts are also cautious about the proposal.

Charlotte Streck, the director of Climate Focus, a Rotterdam-based consultancy, said investors are worried about how governments would monitor their forests and ensure the carbon stored in them remains intact.

“This is what makes the private sector nervous, because these are risks that they cannot hedge properly, and that they cannot evaluate in the same manner as the project related risks,” she said.

Conference delegates are still debating how to monitor the world’s remaining tropical forests, how to stop logging in one place without shifting the problem to another area, and how to estimate the amount of carbon in a piece of land.

Yvo de Boer, the U.N.’s climate change chief, said a REDD agreement is unlikely during this conference, but a group working on the details is making significant progress.

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